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2011-04-11 09:12:52
January 2011: State-of-the-art Egyptian Refinery Buys H/CAMS and Crude Assay Databases from EBS

A leading, state-of-the-art Egyptian refinery has purchased H/CAMS together with a large crude assay database solution from EBS.
H/CAMS, the industry leader in crude assay management software, will facilitate and streamline the planning decisions of the refinery
in order to make quicker, better and more economic decisions. In addition, H/CAMS will be used to integrate with their current LP planning system
allowing them to run multiple feedstock scenarios on their current refinery model (both single crudes and blends).

This comprehensive crude assay solution also provides essential functionalities and gives users the ability to:

1) Access and process any number of crude assays
2) Graphically smoothes, extends and compares property curves
3) Add new crude assays and update old assay data easily
3) Accurately predicts cut yields and properties for single or blends of crudes
4) Create a product assay of any portion of a full crude assay
5) Blends product distillations back to feed equivalent
6) Estimates hydrocarbon gas chromatography analyses
7) Predict cut points based on property spec criteria
8) Determines optimal mix of crudes to meet property specs
9) Simulate crude tower distillation with new advanced theoretical tray methodology
10)Contains a vast number of property correlations
11) Produces spreadsheet and database output
12) Integrates directly with all LP and Process simulation applications

For more information please contact EBS .

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